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Power Flush

Chemical power flush for your central heating system starting from £350 plus VAT

As one of the leading local businesses in the local London area, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed through the years.

We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that when it comes to power flushing your entire heating system.


Power Flush Solutions That Are Dependable

Needing a power flush to clean your system, often oxide sludge and calcium build up in our central heating systems. Potentially could happen as a result of an underlying problem that allowing air passage into the central heating system. Causing radiations and heat exchanges in the system to corrode.

Blockages slow down the transfer of heat and lead to damage of pipes, valves and heating control servers. Bottom line, this accumulation of debris affects the overall efficiency of your system, costing you lots of money for fuel. In cases like this, such that a power flush is necessary.

In case you in need of a reliable and expert company that will expertly handle all your power flush services. Whether commercial or residential, City Boiler Repair the perfect fit to get the job done. We are experts in Chemical Flushing with a team that has the experience to do it right for you.

Highly Affordable Power Flush Services

For several years, City Boiler Repair offering power flush services to residents and business in the local area. The one company with an experienced team that knows that flushing is not something to undertake lightly. Ready to provide you with the best chemical flush service that’ll leave your heating system working correctly, and you satisfied.

At City Boiler Repair we provide you with first-class and professional chemical power flush service. With competitive up front fixed pricing and with no hidden charges as we are transparent to customers. We remain one of the most reliable providers for flushing services.

Our team of higher experienced engineer pays meticulous attention to every part of your central heating system while flushing. From boilers to radiators, to ensure that your heating system restored to its normal state of operation. Serving you well at every point of the way irrespective of the time you discover the issue. All you need to do give us a call we’ll send our team of experts over to get it fixed.

Why Choose Us For Your Power Flush To Maintain Your Heating System

City Boiler Repair utilises a team of engineers who keep your heating system through a power flush. Just to give you the best service we also offer our clients full guarantee on all our flushing services. Hence giving you the added peace of mind to prove that we only deliver the very best.

Unlike other companies that recommend power flush services for their customers without sure that the solution they need. Our experts will inspect your heating system if a full chemical flush is what you need. Well before any works carried out, call us now to discuss whether a chemical flush is right for you and a free estimate.

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